Group work has priority in Group Study Rooms

  • Groups are defined as two or more people. The Extended Group Study Room (E108) is for groups of 4-8 people. 
  • LASER Kisok is housed in E113, if you need to use the kiosk, you MUST book the room in advance. We suggest booking in a small group to use up the allotted hour. 
  • A daily maximum of two (2) hours can be booked when reserving study rooms.
  • All occupants should leave the room promptly at the end of your allotted time, as another group may be waiting for the room.
  • Please keep discussions in the room at a level that does not disturb those in adjacent study areas.
  • Please leave the room as clean and neat as you find it by properly disposing of all trash
  • Rooms are intended to be for group study.  If you are looking for quiet place to study individually, please use the North Carolina Archive and Local History Room.
  • Note that only Faculty/Staff are permitted to book the E123 Conference Room.

After submitting a booking request, an email will be sent confirming the reservation.